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iStock 000004082555SmallThe Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a comprehensive, objective testing of a person's ability to perform work-related tasks as well as activities of daily living. It is musculoskeletal oriented so that performance is rated; both abilities and physical limitations can be noted. The FCE includes 29 work-related functional activities that are evaluated over a two-day format for accuracy. The approach combines the highest level of safety with objective findings.

BRENNAN & ASSOCIATES utilizes the Workwell (formerly called Isernhagen) Protocol in FCE testing.

Why the Workwell FCE is the WORLD LEADER

  • Used with scientific, employer and medical confidence in 44 states and 14 countries.
  • The strongest medical base of any FCE
  • Medical/legal validation that is unmatched
  • Reliability and validity researched and published
  • Highly defensible in the court of law
  • Experts available for ongoing consultation and quality assurance

iStock 000032367782LargeComprehensive Functional Capacity Evaluation (CFCE)

The Comprehensive Functional Capacity Evaluation is completed over a period of two (2) consecutive days. The second day of the CFCE allows for retesting for accuracy and to determine how the client has been affected by the first day of the evaluation. Endurance and work modifications should be identified in this assessment. The CFCE is generally conducted when one or more of the following have been determined:

  • A total body function assessment is required
  • The Client presents with serious or multiple injuries
  • The claim has extended beyond one year
  • There are claims appeal issues
  • Litigation is pending
  • Determination for wage loss compensation and/or cost of future care is required
  • Psychosocial issues are a barrier to rehabilitation
  • Vocational changes are required

The Therapist is continuously monitoring for:

  • Valid maximum effort
  • Consistent performance
  • Safe techniques/body mechanics
  • Symptom management or magnification behaviors

iStock 000016820372SmallThe FCE Report

The FCE report is meant as an overview of the client's physical abilities. The FCE report must be an accurate reflection of the objective information obtained during testing. It needs to be written in clear, concise language and be directly related to the person's functional abilities as it relates to their work and activities of daily living.