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Massage TherapyPhysiotherapy is a healthcare profession directed at evaluating, maintaining and restoring physical function.

The focus at Brennan & Associates is to treat the problem quickly and return you to normal activity levels and an independent lifestyle as soon as possible!

When you are free to move – when you have mobility – you feel better and enjoy life more.  Physiotherapy is dedicated to enhancing and restoring that mobility.

We Offer Assessment & Treatment Services for:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Clients
  • Workers’ Compensation Clients
  • Private Clients
  • Sports related injuries

Physiotherapists (Special Skills):

  • Over 30 years of experience treating musculoskeletal injuries and conditions
  • Certified Active Release Therapy
  • Therapists are trained in the Workwell Protocol for performing Functional Capacity Evaluations, Physical Demands Analysis, Pre-Employment Functional Screening and Worksite Assessments
  • Legal Functional Capacity Evaluations, Life Care Planning/Cost of Future Care Assessments, Qualified as Expert Witness in Provincial Court and Court of Queen’s Bench Alberta  
  • Experienced and highly skilled
  • Highly skilled in Occupational and Workplace injuries
  • Carpal Tunnel, repetitive strain, back related injuries and sprains
  • Stretching Education and Instruction


Education is an important focus to help patients understand the nature of the injury and provide strategies to assist self-management and prevention of further injury.

Brennan & Associates is an authorized WCB Provider