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iStock 000032367782LargePre-Employment Functional Testing is a test to determine an individual’s ability to perform the physical requirements of a specific job.  This screening process ensures a match between the candidate and the work in a non-discriminatory manner.

The Pre-Employment Functional Screen:

  • The Pre-Employment Functional Screen testing protocol is developed from the physical demands analysis - the evaluator simulates the job tasks to include the physical criteria required to perform the tasks.
  • The Pre-Employment Functional Screen is a one hour test
  • Each candidate goes through the same testing procedure
  • If the candidate can perform the physical job functions, the candidate is “passed”
  • If it is determined that the candidate is not able to perform the physical demands of the position, the candidate is “failed” for that particular position.  The employer is notified either way and informed of any restrictions or limitations.
  • It is compliant with human rights and hiring practices because of its’ standardized approach
  • It is valid because it simulates job tasks based on the bona fide job requirements
  • It is objective - it will accurately identify the individuals who are incapable of performing the work

iStock 000004082555SmallThe Pre-Employment Functional Screen Can Be Used To:

  • Assist Employers in making good hiring decisions in a legal, fair and nondiscriminatory way
  • Ensure that the candidate hired for a specific job is capable of performing the essential job requirements safely
  • Assist Employers in preventing injuries and thereby reducing costs - by not placing individuals in jobs that they are physically not able to perform


The cost of hiring the wrong person into a job is huge.  This can lead to on-the-job injuries, increased costs in WCB claims and premiums and ultimately a high turnover in staff.